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Sailor Moon is an inspiration to us all! She fights evil, stands up for justice, and she happens to have some really cool Sailor Moon gifts themed after her! We carry all of the great gift ideas, including collectible Funko Pop Sailor Moon figures, novelty mugs, and even some really cute anime themed apparel. If you’re in need of a present for the Sailor Senshi fan in your life, then you’ve come to the right place.
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Men's Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mask CostumeMade By Us
Made By Us Exclusive
Sailor Moon CostumeMade By Us
Made By Us Exclusive

Sailor Moon Costume

Sailor Moon Blonde WigMade By Us
Made By Us Exclusive
Adult Sailor Mars WigMade By Us
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Sexy White Lycra Hot Pants For WomenMade By Us
Made By Us Exclusive
Women's Sailor Mercury CostumeMade By Us
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Women's Sailor Mars CostumeMade By Us
Sale - 20% Made By Us Exclusive
Girl's Toddler Sailor Moon CostumeMade By Us
Made By Us Exclusive
Adult's Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury WigMade By Us
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Sailor Moon Ribbon Necklace
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Sailor Moon Brooch Plush Bag
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Sailor Moon Luna Plush Bag Coming Soon
Products 1 - 45 of 45

Once upon a time, there was a school girl who would become the hero of the whole galaxy. Now, she had all the power that she needed already hidden within... even though it really didn't look like she'd have the courage to do anything with it. Still, the story would have ended really quickly if not for the appearance of a curious kitty with a gift to give. That's right! The epic tale of Sailor Moon all started with Luna offering up the magical brooch that would allow Sailor Moon to transform and become who she was meant to be! 

Now, we're not saying that every single one of our Sailor Moon gifts will bring about such a magical transformation. Naturally, we can't guarantee that level of galactic mystery! But, we can guarantee that the smile they will summon will be the first part of the path! And, after all, who wants to risk letting the forces of the Negaverse surprise us all without one of our pretty guardians!?  

When someone gives you a Sailor Moon gift, you'll feel like you can do anything. Basically, you'll feel like you could touch the stars! Whether you want to be the Luna in this story or are looking to equip the garb of the Sailor Scouts yourself, it might help to know what kinds of Sailor Moon merchandise you should be looking for. We're happy to give you a quick tour. 

Naturally, clothing is a great place to start. Accomplishing an almost impossible feat will seem like a piece of cake if you're wearing one of our many Sailor Moon tees. They feature the epic main characters as well as a few of the baddies (who you know Sailor Moon is going to redeem in the end, anyway). You can live out your Sailor Moon dreams in the best way possible with one of our Sailor Moon Kigurumi, too. Luna hoodie blankets and Sailor Moon pajamas are sure to bring about a brighter day!

When you're ready to head out into the world, you'll go from feeling like a regular girl to feeling like a legendary fighter when you strap a hobo bag around your chest or when you're carrying a messenger bag to school. From lockets and Sailor Moon costume accessories to genuine Sailor Moon Halloween costumes, these gifts will help you and yours bring your favorite anime characters to life. We also have many Sailor Moon figurines and stuffed animals that avid collectors will love to showcase in their offices, bedrooms, or studios. Give the Luna stuffed figure to your friend who hopes to one day protect the planet. Hopefully, the magical super-cat will grant your friend some powers, too, and soon we'll all feel the power of Queen Serenity!