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Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Father's Day is coming up and if your dad is anything like ours let's face it - they are impossible to shop for! They already have every tool imaginable, and it has yet to be proven that they've ever worn one of the ties they've gotten as a gift. Perhaps the best choice for this year is to try for something a little off-color...  Our wide variety of humorous, fun, wacky and yet practical gifts for Dad will be sure to have your father convinced
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Products 1 - 60 of 158

Father's Day Gifts

Dads are great, aren't they? Some of them spend all day tinkering with their tools out in the garage. Others are big nerds who were reading comic books and playing Dungeons and Dragons before you were even born. Some of them like to rock out to the greatest "dad bands" of all time. Some of them can't wait to break out the grill in the summer, so they can cook up a plate of their famous cheeseburgers for the family. And some of them can't wait to kick back with a nice, cold beer after a long day at work! Yep, there's are tons of different kinds of dads out there and we wanted to make sure that we have great Father's Day gifts for each kind of dad out there.

Alright, alright. First thing's first. Let's talk about classic dad gifts. You know what we're talking about... mugs, ties, and socks. They might be a little cliche, but there's a reason why they've been a staple gift for dads over the decades. Dads love that stuff! Nothing beats the feeling of a fresh pair of goofy socks and getting a mug from your kid is sort of like a rite of passage for every father out there! And every dad is forced to wear a tie at some point (whether they like it or not), so it might as well be a tie given to them as a gift from their favorite child! 

FUN Gifts for Any Dad

For dorky dads (and let's face it, most dads are big dorks), we carry tons of great comic book and fantasy-themed dad swag. If your dad was more excited about Avengers: Endgame than you were, then some of our comic book apparel might make for the perfect Father's Day gift. If they're planning out the next Dungeons and Dragons campaign with their friends, then one of our Game of Thrones or Harry Potter gifts might be up their alley.

Got a sporty dad? Well, we have plenty of cool NFL gear to help them dork out over their favorite team. Whether that means getting a cool t-shirt for dad or a a comfy sweater, we carry a little bit of everything to help them gear up for the next big game. We even have some top-notch grilling equipment for those dads who enjoy a good tailgate party!

If your dad loves a good beer, then you've come to the right place! Some of our Father's Day gifts include funny pint glasses and growlers that will help your dad relax with a nice, cold one at the end of a hard day of work!

Of course, we have plenty of other types of gifts for dad, so be sure to check out our entire selection! We're sure you can find the present that your father will be excited about!