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Funny Halloween Costumes

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Reno Lt Dangle Costume
Men's Crash Test Dummy Costume
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Kool-Aid Adult Deluxe Costume
Sale - 7%
Socket and Plug Costume
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Mime Costume For Adults
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Mugatu Costume For Adults
Bubblegum Cutie Costume For Girls
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TV Funhouse Ace Costume
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TV Funhouse Gary Costume
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Where's Wally Costume
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Adult Inflatable Penis Costume
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Germinator Hand Sanitzer Bottle
Sale - 40%
Adult Happy Poop Costume
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Products 1 - 60 of 426

Why did the chicken cross the road? To check out our costumes because she knew she could find one that would make the rooster crow. And lucky for you, most of our costumes in this collection are a lot funnier than that sad, sad joke. In a world that cranks out shocking horror movie characters like they’re chocolate kisses, it can be nice to let some chuckles loose. There are plenty of days in the year to look glamorous or cool, Halloween is the time to let your weird shine bright.

Now, Halloween isn’t the only season that calls for some silly dressing up. Does your hometown have an annual parade? Well, you could be that guy in the grape costume at the Annual Jelly Day celebration. Is Aunt Sally getting her bunions removed? Get her laughing with our hilarious hospital patient costume. Teachers can get their students excited for Read Across America when they rock one of our Dr. Seuss hats. From Oktoberfest celebrations or accessories that can be worn to your local carnival for an interesting twist. Oktoberfest is especially easy to stir up some interest. You can wear beer goggles, our cool Oktoberfest t-shirts, or even carry around your beer money in the plush beer stein purse.

Are you heading out to a crowded space with a group of friends? Have everyone head out as Waldo so you can spot each other with ease. You can even bring your sneaky little dog along! That should make any pub crawl or State Fair visit smoother than ever. And when George wanders off to talk to someone as you’re all heading to the haunted house attraction, you can ask the strangers around you if they’ve seen a distracted Waldo wandering around somewhere. People have been trained to spot Waldo in a crowd since they were kids. They’ll help you find George in no time.

Speaking of group costumes, this section has a lot of potential for people dressing up together. Head out for Halloween as the Simpson’s characters. We think it would be pretty cute if Bart and Milhouse were running through town. Got another person who wants to join in the fun? Get that Duff beer spokesperson out there with either our Duffwoman costume or Duffman kit.

Costumes aren’t just used for big adult parties. There are kid’s events and fundraisers too! Make that Summer Splash event more exciting with the Kool-Aid man costume or promote healthy eating with the blueberry costume. That’s sure to get kids excited to go back to the farmer’s market. Or maybe you’re running a 5-K. There’s no better costume to sweat in than our work out video star ensemble! You might not win the race but you’ll certainly get some brownie points from anyone who’s sweated to workout tapes in the past.

When it comes to dressing up, the answers to the questions “what” and “when” are endless. Your interesting choices abound no matter how innocent or gnarly you want to get. You can get costumes from classic silly food costumes to recognizable advertisements mascots, to looks that are strictly for adult eyes only and you don’t even need to cross the street like that chicken we mentioned so long ago. All you need to do is order the one that gets you giggling and let us know if you like it!