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What is it that we love so much about action figures? Could it be their ability to be put into different poses? How about the miniature accessories? Whatever the case may be, action figures had a huge impact on the toy industry, and we still love to collect them today. Check out our selection of action figures, whether you're buying them for your child or yourself!
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Products 1 - 60 of 807

It is time to join the ranks of superheroes and soldiers alike. That means looking to the action figures market for your favorite woman and man of action! Whether you collect mint action figures or act out the true nature of Captain Action, the most action figures take superstar action seriously. Collections include action with light-up features, articulating arms and legs, and weapons galore.

You'll find action figures for kids and can act out the movie action with the Jurassic World Amber collection, too. Army Corps figures and heroic action characters let you and the kids play with the figures more than the standard variety of action. Fire off energy bolts to blast action figure toys off the walls or bring Arts PVC action figures to life in true action figure form.