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Did you forget a Disney souvenir for your mom the last time you visited the theme park? Maybe your friend is throwing a Disney-themed birthday party and you want to give them the perfect present. Or are you looking for a new way to show off your love of Disney? Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place to find any Disney fan an enchanting Disney gift. You’ll see gift ideas for Disney lovers from Mickey and Minnie to the Descendants!
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Winnie the Pooh Hunny Cookie Jar
Sale - 19%
Adult Cakeworthy Hocus Pocus Denim Jacket
Sale - 44%
Aladdin Adult Genie Inflatable Costume
Sale - 53% Exclusive
Womens Cakeworthy Vintage Mickey Button Up Dress
Clearance  - 50%
Adult Winnie the Pooh Inflatable Costume
Sale - 23% Exclusive
Cakeworthy Adult Disney 100 Music AOP Shirt
Sale - 33%
Lightyear Space Team Silk Touch Throw Blanket
Clearance  - 57%
Encanto Julieta's Kitchen Small Doll Playset
Clearance  - 60%
Hocus Pocus 3 Sisters T-Shirt
Sale - 67% Exclusive
Adult Cakeworthy Mickey Vampire Crewneck
Sale - 33%
Clearance  - 50%
Stitch 16 Inch Plush Backpack
Sale - 50%
Aladdin Carpet Ride Micro Raschel Throw Blanket
Sale - 67% Exclusive
Youth Mickey Mouse Emotions Red T-Shirt
Clearance Exclusive
Cakeworthy Womens 101 Dalmatians Sweater Dress
Clearance  - 50%
Clearance  - 50%
Mickey Mouse Head Icon Vegan Leather Dog Collar
Clearance  - 63%
Dug 3 Poses Squirrel Plastic Clip Pet Collar
Sale - 36%
Mickey Mouse Sweets Crossbody Bag
Sale - 33% Exclusive
Classic Cinderella Micro Raschel Throw Blanket
Sale - 40% Exclusive
Womens Cakeworthy Bambi Woodland Dress
Clearance  - 83%
Toy Story I Am Woody Costume T-Shirt
Sale - 50%
Minnie Mouse Cupcake Round Crossbody Bag
Clearance Exclusive
Boxed Tee: Toy Story- Buzz Lightyear
Clearance  - 50%
Adult Hocus Pocus Cat T-Shirt
Sale - 67% Exclusive
Incredibles Logo Round Crossbody Bag
Sale - 57% Exclusive
Encanto Small Doll Character 6-Pack
Clearance  - 54%
Jack Skellington 18 Inch Plush Backpack
Clearance  - 44%
Products 1 - 60 of 1,600

There’s a special place in many hearts for the charms of Disney. The brand is seemingly ageless. So, if you want to sport a Disney wardrobe or display a collection of Disney characters on your desk, go right ahead. If you haven’t already started collecting your treasures, we can help. Whether you’re obsessed with the Disney Renaissance, hoping to bring Steamboat Willie back to life, or hip with all the latest Disney franchises, you can find Disney gifts to suit your fancy here at!

Take a trip down memory lane with a Disney collectible. Your favorite characters come to life as figurines and statues that will fit perfectly among the photo frames and papers crowding your work desk. With Belle and the Beast taking a twirl past the computer screen you’ll feel like you’re watching the movie all over again (even though that memo is due in just a few minutes). If your paperwork is handed in late though, hopefully, your boss is as relaxed as the meditating Rafiki parked on his own desk.

Give the gift that keeps on giving with something for the home. Choose from drinking glasses with iconic characters or a Mickey Mouse kitchen appliance. Or get cozy for a movie marathon under a plush Disney blanket that will really help you feel the love. You can find Disney wherever you look at home with a piece of wall art or a huggable character pillow. Even the shower curtain can get in on the act when you explore all our collection has to offer.

When you’re getting the kids ready for the day, let them show off their Disney love too! We’ve got shoes, backpacks, clothes, and more that are perfect for the younger Disney fans. Between the classics getting rebooted and the popular Disney Channel originals, your kiddo can find the outfit or accessory they’ve always wanted. You can find a Toy Story clothing set perfect for playtime. Or maybe a pair of Ariel rain boots for splashing on a set of wobbly legs. Your little one can even sport a PJ Masks backpack set that’s sure to show how much they love those bedtime superheroes!

There are so many things to find in our selection of Disney gifts that we couldn’t possibly list them all here. Like a straight to home video sequel though, we’ll get the perfect Disney gift to your front door in no time at all. With any of the Disney gift ideas you find here you’re sure to find yourself singing your favorite Disney tune anytime you see the gift put to use!