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Small Sexy Vampire Teeth

Small Sexy Vampire Teeth
Small Sexy Vampire Teeth
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Product Description

Get to the point already!

Let's face it. Regular teeth? Boring. Incisors? Blah. Nobody was ever impressed by those little white chopping teeth. And don't even get us started on molars. So drab, so base, so vanilla. No one, in the history of humanity, was anyone ever impressed by boring ol' human teeth. Why would they be? Showing all your teeth is usually done as a friendly gesture, dispensing warm fuzzy feelings to onlookers. Well, that's not good enough. We want you to be able to do more when you flash those pearly whites. We want you to be able to strike fear into the heart of anyone you smile at. And the best way to do that? A sleek pair of fangs, of course. 

Fun Details

We know, we know, good fangs don't just grow in gums. Often, people who are interested in getting pointy teeth can't come about them naturally. Trust us. We've inquired. But vampires aren't particularly receptive to being chased down so you can ask them questions about their dental work. That's why we have this magnificent alternative. With our Small Vampire Teeth, you can acquire your own fierce fangs instantly (no vampire transactions required)! These delicately-pointed dearies cap over your own dreary canines so you can deploy fear-inducing fangs at will! They are completely customizable in their fit, and can be re-used multiple times! Even better, they are temporary so you can choose exactly when you'd like to terrorize everyone around you. How neat is that?


So despair not, young creatures of the night and humans-up-to-no-good! We've got your back... or rather your fangs. That is, the fangs you need to strike panic into the hearts of those around you. We have those! And now you can too!

  • Fully customizable
  • Reusable multiple times
  • Tight, snap-fitting fit
Items Included
  • Vampire Fangs
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