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Doraemon Gifts

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We wish that Doraemon would travel back in time to give us some tips! Why does Nobito get to have all the fun with him? He always has the right gadget for the job and he's just so darn adorable that we spend most of our days just dreaming up neat adventures that we could have if he were a part of our life. We could use his memory toast to never forget where we left the remote and we could use one of his fancy evolution rays to update our computer. Alas, he's just a cartoon character from Fujio Fujiko's classic anime series, but at least we have all this cool Doraemon swag to hold us over until real robot cats can be invented.

We carry all the best Doraemon stuff! From pillows, to backpacks, to plushies and POPs, you can find whatever tickles your fancy for the fine manga kitty cat. Just find your favorite and you'll be rolling in the anime swag. (Note: we do not actually recommend rolling in anime swag.)