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Catan Board Game: Seafarers Expansion

Catan: Seafarers Board Game Expansion Catan: Seafarers Board Game Expansion 2
Catan: Seafarers Board Game Expansion
Product Description

Catan Just Doesn’t Feel the Same

Is Catan starting lose its luster? You’ve been jamming games weekly and you’ve mastered every strategy in the book. You’ve already figured out the power of ports and you know how to plot your first settlements in the perfect locations to make sure you get the early game resources you need. You’ve even won by hoarding Development Cards. You’ve even mastered the social politics of the game, convincing the other players to fight over the Longest Road bonus while you secretly hold on to the Monopoly Card, waiting to seize all of the ore!

There’s just nothing left for you to master in the core game of Catan… and that’s why Catan: Seafarers is for you.

Fun Details

Seafarers is an expansion for the core Catan game, which adds new rules, pieces, and strategies into the classic game. Not only will you be competing for resources in the hex-shaped board, but you get to sail the seas to discover new islands to gain an edge on the competition.

Set Sail to New Mechanics!

You do need to core game to make use of this expansion, so make sure you pick up the original Catan before you attempt to set sail with Seafarers. It’s a great way to breath some new life into your favorite Klaus Teuber board game!

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Items Included
  • 60 Wooden Ships
  • Pirate Ship
  • 10 Number Tokens
  • 10 Harbor Tokens
  • 6 Frame Pieces
  • 19 Sea Hexes
  • 11 Terrain Tiles
Product Highlights
  • Catan Board Game: Seafarers Expansion
  • NOT the complete game--you need a basic Catan game also
  • For 3 to 4 players ages 10+
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