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When you're an alien that's lived for millenia, you tend to acquire a few things. Like a sonic screwdriver, or a nasty scar from that run in with the Daleks. But when you're a plain old human like we are, you have to be more selective of the things you acquire, because hey, you only live once! For Doctor Who fans, it's all about the Doctor, the Daleks, the Tardis, the Sonc Screwdriver, and all the other amazing things this show has created that you just want to own. Whether it be small representations of the Tardis for your desk at work, or a DW piece of clothing to wear on all your Earthly adventures, or maybe even a replica gadget from the show, Fun.com has got you covered for all your Doctor Who Gifts needs. We're all stories in the end, eh, so make it a good one!