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Adult Deluxe Wolverine Costume
Adult Deluxe Wolverine Costume
Product Description
Item #RU880803
Items Included
  • Jumpsuit
  • Mask
StandardCHEST42" - 44"107cm - 112cm
X-LargeCHEST44" - 46"112cm - 117cm

"Bet you wish you had a healing factor!"

Wolverines are solitary animals. They can travel up to 15 miles per day and are located in forests. They are carnivores and are the cousins of otters, weasels, and mink. Wolverines are very rare, with as little as 300 left in the contiguous United States. Wolverines are – oh wait, we were supposed to do this description on the wolverine animal right? … Right?! Oh no, well now you have some wolverine facts, but stay tuned for some more Wolverine talk as well!

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to be Log--- ahem, Wolverine? We sure have, and we bet you have too! However, while Wolverine is a pretty gnarly character and hero, his life has been pretty rough and it would be pretty hard to be just like him. However, we sure can make you look as if you are Wolverine, without any of the injections, adamantium, or painful procedures! You will look just like him, as long as you get some of his catchphrases down!

Getting an adamantium skeleton with some sweet claws only works when you have a mutant healing factor like Logan. Of course, if you just want to look like the X-Men character, then this Adult Deluxe Wolverine Costume works wonders. It's based on his classic yellow and black suit from the comics and will have you making "snikt" sound effects all day long. Just remember that this suit doesn't give you any super powers, so don't go charging headfirst into a fight with Magneto just because you start channeling your inner feral rage while wear this outfit!

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